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Vohra: J.T.M. Gibson

Sheel Vohra
Ex-Deputy Headmaster, The Doon School

Sheel_vohra I joined The Doon School staff after Mr. Gibson had gone over to Mayo College. I had seen him but did not really know him. He invariably came with the Mayo College teams for their annual fixtures against The Doon School. They played Cricket, Hockey, Tennis and Squash and then were taken trekking in the hills and rafting down the Yamuna.

It was in 1964 that I made my first trip to Mayo College with The Doon School cricket and hockey teams. Mr. K.C. Joshi and I stayed with Mr. Gibson. We were put up in two separate rooms and he insisted that two-more rooms of my house will be cleaned up! His drawing room was full of flowers, sweet peas of different hues and colours and other varieties as well – all part of the prize winning collection at Ajmers’ annual flower show held a day earlier. It was indeed fun staying with him as he and Mr. Joshi had worked together for many years and recounted quite a few old stories. At the breakfast table Mr. Gibson put a lot of sugar in the large coffee cups. He did not stir it and told us that he loved to eat it after the coffee was finished. His enthusiasm and indefatiguable energy was very much in evidence. During the cricket match Mr. Gibson was with us in the pavilion and moments later was seen near the scoreboard shouting "Come on Mayo."  The match ended in favour of Mayo at about Tea-time. Mr. Gibson was there with his jeep and made our boys hop on to it to take them to his lawn for a high tea.

After that I met him regularly on his visits to Doon and Mussoorie. By now I had also got into mountaineering and read all about his exploits in the Himalayas.

In the late seventies (1976/77) Mr. Gibson came to Dehradun and was staying with Mr. & Mrs. Martyn. He came to know that Mr. R.D. Singh had booked a block in the Mohand region for small game shooting. Mr. Gibson looked extremely keen to join in for perhaps his last shoot in the area. The three of us reached there at about 10:30 AM. Prem Singh, the old shikari, who accompanied Mr. Holdsworth and Mr. Gibson on their shoots was there with his beators. We did not sight any bird till about lunch time. Mr. Srivastava joined us at that time and brought us luck. We bagged thirty odd birds in the end. Mr. Gibson had shot two birds – but none of them was a Murga. He also pushed R.D. to go again next morning. He insisted he will get his jeep along and fetch Prem Singh and his group of beaters from Ganeshpur. We left a little earlier the next day. Mr. Gibson got two birds – a Murga and a pheasant in the very first beat. He missed a wild boar as it came on his wrong side. We got a bigger bag in those three-four hours. Mr. & Mrs. Martyn had driven up to Dhaulkhand area with lunch for all of us. Mr. Gibson was extremely pleased with his last shoot in the Shiwaliks and in his own words – it was "Jolly Good."

I kept in regular touch with him after that and he would dash off a short note every time he read about The Doon School or me personally. I still have got a letter from him in my papers.

I attended the Memorial Service held at St. Thomas Church in Kashmiri Gate at Delhi. It was very well attended by the old boys of both Doon and Mayo and was a fitting tribute to a great schoolmaster who loved adventure of every kind and was an inspiration to many generations of school boys.


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