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Mrityunja Singh: Continuing to Groom Young Minds

Capt. Mrityunja Singh
Mayo College, Batch of 79-80

Meetu Though I joined Mayo after Mr. Gibson had retired, I do have two memories of the good man that I would like to share:

1) Gibson sahib had come to preside over the Inter-House Boxing Championships of 1978, in which I won a very tight bout.  I was very pleasantly surprised, when a few weeks later, whilst he was driving around Mayo in his Jeep, he spotted me, remembered my name, and congratulated me on a good effort!

2) The other story is about my room mate, a rustic Rajput, whom on request from his father, Mr. Gibson took under his wing to polish up his social skills during the summer holidays!!

It is truly amazing to see the commitment of this man, who in spite of having retired from active teaching, continued to groom young minds.

To state the obvious, he surely is resting in peace...


Anvar Alikhan

Those were lovely little anecdotes, Mrityunjay. Both so typical of Gibby!

Mrityunja Singh

Dear Anvar (Sir),

We missed the "Sixties", in this case with Gibson sahib. So, one is a bit jealous of your generation.

However, we were fortunate to have two jr. teachers in the Gibby mold. The 1st was Rahul Bedi (Kabir's younger brother/cousin), who taught English in cut jean shorts; the other was Joe Penkar, a Jew, who taught Art & Pugilism.

Sadly, the noble professions have stopped attracting the maverick.

Warm Regards - Meetu

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